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Эротика в рекламе.Как заработать и не попасть в бан

Eroticism in advertising, like nothing else, catches the eye of the audience and increases sales. But it is not easy to apply it, because for the slightest frankness a ban can fly. How to use erotica for good purposes, and not get blacklisted — we tell in this article.               cinema 3d crack capture one pro crack athentech complete crack avocode crack

The effectiveness of erotic scenes in advertising

Half-naked female images in advertising have been used for a long time — since the 19th century. Sexy models and words with ambiguous associations often slipped in ads for Samsung and Lacoste. Serious brands sometimes like to turn to provocations, so they will cause a sea of ​​emotions in the audience and stay in the top for a long time.

The demand for erotic advertisements online is increasing more and more: in 1984 there were 16% of them, in 2003 — 27%, and today it already exceeds 45%. Sex always attracts attention, but by no means always increases sales. Some prefer neat allusions instead of overtly annoying erotica. The following reactions of buyers to such creatives are distinguished:

  • do not buy, because excessive frankness is considered something vile;
  • do not buy, because they pay attention only to sex, and not to the product;
  • study the offer, but do not buy the product, because they don’t need him;
  • buy because they feel the need for it.

Sexuality attracts the attention of a large number of people, but, as a rule, sells only to the target audience. Very often, it overshadows the product itself, so the audience forgets about it. It is better to use it in niches for a mass audience: underwear, perfumes, clothing.

The effectiveness of sexual advertisements is good — they definitely do not go unnoticed. It is only important to use it correctly for your own purposes and make sure that they do not overshadow the product itself.

Is it legal to use erotica

The federal law «On Advertising» introduced a ban on the use of pornography. But the catch is that there is no specific distinction between the concepts of «erotica» and «pornography». The law states that pornography is any demonstration of sexual organs, and erotica is any depiction of a sexual nature without pornographic elements. That is, eroticism in advertising is not prohibited, the main thing is not to show photos of naked intimate parts of the body. But here it is important to pay attention to the ethical side — too provocative photos and slogans can hurt many.

How social networks relate to erotica

In social networks and advertising platforms with erotica, the situation is similar to that in the legislation — nothing unambiguous. Google Adwords does not allow you to run ads for marriage agencies, but it allows you to promote sites for intimate dating, use uncensored photos of a sexual nature. Yandex does not mention erotica at all, except that it should not go beyond the law. Social networks do not allow the promotion of goods and toys for adults, and the use of nudity, explicit provocation and sexual poses on creatives.

How to increase conversion with erotica and not get banned

Erotic video advertising has the following features that you need to consider when creating it:

  • quickly catches the eye, but does not always sell;
  • someone may find it offensive;
  • now it flickers literally everywhere, so it is often not noticed;
  • if someone finds it offensive, they will have to pay a fine.

It should also be remembered that its unsuccessful application can cause a big scandal and resonance in society.

4 Ways to Effectively Use

To make everything go smoothly, and new customers come from advertising, it is enough to follow a few tips.

  • The main focus should be on the product

Make erotica a pleasant addition, but not a distraction. Place the sexy image inside the product — on the sides and at the bottom, and make the product itself in the center or place it up. And you can make an erotic scene completely transparent, then it will be noticed last.

  • Don’t get carried away

Half-naked models, although they attract attention, some people can be rejected. The best thing is half-hints in the photo and in the slogan. Believe me, the imagination of the audience will do everything for you. At worst, you can make nudity in the form of pixels.

  • Use cues and images appropriately

They will come in better than explicit erotica. Make the product look like a woman’s chest or a silhouette of a man. Minimize vulgarity and provocation, users can think of everything themselves.

  • Push off your competitors

The key to marketing is to stand out. If your competitors use erotica in every ad creative, then you should not do this. Go the other way and shoot, for example, modest girls.

Despite the fact that eroticism in advertising is the most effective, you need to be more careful with it. It always evokes emotions, but not always positive, and does not often sell.

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