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Как лить трафик на пожилую аудиторию

Is it easy for you to imagine an online shopper who is well over 50? What does he love, what is he afraid of, on what basis does he decide to buy? Does he use the internet at all?

Of course they use it, half of the elderly (65-74 years old) use social networks, and after 75 years old they actively use tablets. Let’s study the representatives of this audience in more detail.   autodes infraworks crack bootstrap crack kontakt crack easy duplicate finder crack

Is it possible to send traffic to an age target audience?

So, before promoting a store for pensioners, we suggest a little plunge into the statistics and, based on it, understand whether there are elderly people in the vastness of the network.

People aged 55-64:

  • 96% use mobile phones;
  • 43% use search engines;
  • 58% are registered in social networks.

Users aged 65-74:

  • 92% use mobile phones for communication;
  • 34% — use search engines for their queries;
  • 34% — have a page in social networks.

Members of the audience over 75:      ccleaner pro crack final fantasy ix pc game coreldraw crack

  • 81% use phones;
  • 22% — look for information on the Internet;
  • 20% are registered in social networks.

It is not difficult to sell goods for the elderly, you just need to adapt the sites for mobile devices, and pensioners will immediately find you and make a purchase.

Remember that mobile phones penetrate our lives more and more every year. In the future, every second pensioner will have his own page on VKontakte.

Portrait of the target audience

To offer an audience a really useful product, you need to know at least a little about its characteristics and true needs.

  1. As for Russian pensioners, one must understand that most of them are on the verge of poverty. The average pension does not exceed 13 thousand rubles, so they are unlikely to be able to afford expensive goods. They often pay attention to discounts, promotions for products for the elderly, but keep up with the youth and pay for some purchases via the Internet.
  2. Among this audience, health maintenance products are more popular. Demand is mainly for drugs for the joints, dietary supplements for the eyes, blood vessels and heart.
  3. Some women are concerned about the fading of their beauty, so they actively begin to look after their appearance. The main criterion for choosing cosmetics is an effective fight against wrinkles.
  4. Older people are more trusting, so it is easiest for them to sell any goods. They often watch TV and trust the presenters of the first and second channels. You can just use their faces on your creatives.

The elderly audience is the most loyal

They do not compare benefits across sites, so they are prone to impulsive purchases. You can gain the trust of an older audience in your site in the following ways:

  • add free tips and tricks to the site;
  • fill the site with articles based not only on the offer, but also on the geographical position;
  • Write compelling and clear calls to action.

Work on Feelings

Respectful attitude, individual approach and sincere care are appreciated by everyone, especially the older generation. This is what motivates them, for the most part, to buy or subscribe.

The most important misconception is that the age target audience does not spend time on the Internet. Interest in the network, on the contrary, only increases over the years. According to statistics, 63% over 70 spend time on the Internet.


It is possible and necessary to drive traffic to an older audience. It is she who is a tidbit of all webmasters, because she is very trusting and not subject to doubt. The main thing: before the main promotion, properly test it, in order to avoid unnecessary spending on the advertising budget.

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