Маркетинг и его составляющие.


Our subscribers already know what targeting is from the stream of articles on the subject. However, what do you know about marketing? Masses of people talk about it, there are tons of videos on YouTube about marketing gimmicks. Good marketing is the secret of success for 99% of companies and brands. So let’s talk about it in more detail!

You may be wondering:  What does targeting eat with: general principles and types of targeting?

Do you know what marketing is? Why does your company need it?

The concept of marketing is ridiculously simple — an organizational type function and a group of processes for creating, promoting and delivering your product to the end customer. Marketing also includes customer relationship management for business benefits.

In simpler words: marketing is absolutely any constructive process that allows you to benefit, whether it is the creation and subsequent advertising of a product / service or communication with customers. The better the quality of the processes, the more benefits the company will receive.

Remember at the beginning we said about the tricks that they show on YouTube? We spotted a couple of these:

  1. The best toys are always available for children (mostly on the lower shelves, not in boring sections for adults).
  2. Price tags with nines. Remember: the cost of any technique is almost never rounded up. The microwave oven costs exactly 9,990 rubles, not 10,000! So people get the feeling of the budget of the chosen microwave (as if they are saving a thousand). Also, nine thousand is still in the thousandths category, not tens of thousands! 

Attention! This does not mean intimate or other products of a sexual nature! We are talking about things that are not interesting for children: bread, buckwheat, flour, and so on (any everyday things that only adults care about).

Marketing tasks

Marketing by golly has dozens of tasks. In general terms, they can be described as follows: a set of marketing activities is aimed at aligning the needs and requirements of each participant from different distribution channels for the most profitable implementation. This is one common marketing challenge!

Let’s note marketing logistics — a marketing discipline aimed at resolving issues related to sales processes.

Types of Internet Marketing

Today, Internet marketing is usually classified according to the state of demand. This is the most common concept and was formally adopted in 1985 by the Marketing Association.


The main task of such marketing is to smooth out the negative perception of products. It can be caused by the actions of competitors or the loss of reputation after a scandal. Especially important for public catering.

Marketers are trying to eliminate hostility with a new advertising campaign that overshadows the bad sides of the product and dispels negative perceptions. The last resort is rebranding.


Such marketing exploits consumer dissatisfaction with products in the marketplace. The lack of goods in high demand can play into the hands of the company. Healthy natural foods are especially relevant today. If they suddenly disappear from the shelves, you can take advantage of the situation and take control of the market. This is developmental marketing.


Product neutrality tends to greatly reduce demand. Incentive marketing is based on this concept. Its main task is to draw attention to the proposal. Various ways of lowering prices usually lead to a rapid rise in interest.

SupportiveSupportive marketing

Supportive marketing is based on a rough balance between supply and demand. It appears to be one of the main types. In the presence of competitors, the product is often modified (shape, volume and other characteristics). This allows the product to be refreshed and re-served. Setting a higher pricing policy compared to competitors is unacceptable!


This type of marketing is aimed at reducing demand. It is used extremely rarely when the company cannot cope with the high popularity of its products and does not have time to meet the needs of consumers. Usually, the task is coped with the removal of product advertisements from the media, the termination of sales promotion and even an increase in pricing policy.


Usually not used by manufacturing plants. Countervailing marketing is aimed at reducing sales of even a quality product. Negative consumer properties contribute to this. Relevant for alcohol, tobacco products, weapons, drugs, etc. Anti-advertising, the release of social videos are usually the means of counteraction.


This type of marketing is usually used to synchronize demand — to eliminate its fluctuations. Some products are not in demand at certain intervals (wrong season or day). For example, entertainment is especially relevant on weekends. This means that the cost of a ticket to the trampoline park on weekdays should be cut by 20%. This is synchromarketing.


Remarketing is especially relevant during economic crises and changes in market conditions. The declining demand needs to be restored. This is what remarketing specialists do. They usually change the properties of the product or adjust the service to meet the changing needs of the target audience. The development of a new market and deep modernization are also relevant for remarketing.

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