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Языковой таргетинг? Разбираемся в нюансах!

Языковой таргетинг

You probably already know that targeted advertising is divided into 8 types of targeting. Variability allows advertisers to customize ad campaigns in the most efficient way. The best conversions can often be achieved by crossing several types of targeted ads. Therefore, in the targeting stream, we tell you about each of the types. Language targeting is next!

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What is language targeting: why do advertisers need it?

With the help of language targeting technology, the specialist gets the opportunity to specify the language of a group of customers from the target audience for which the correspondingly customized advertisements will be displayed. The language you need does not matter — in Google Ads, the advertiser can choose any from the list.

The main task of language targeting is to show advertisements to the target segment in the language in which people from the target audience visit third-party websites.

If a conditional user of the Internet network and the Google search engine named Dmitry visits English-language sites on the topic you need, then you can develop a personalized offer especially for him and similar users. Such advertising will be shown for this category of people only on thematic English-language pages.

Setting up detailed targeting by language in Google AdWords

Setting up in adwords

In the settings of advertising campaigns, the target scientist can choose the language of the customer segment to show them banners. As mentioned, Internet users will see them exclusively on the sites and applications of the Google Ads display network in this language.

Note. Google will not translate ad text, much less keywords. Ads will only be shown in a pre-configured form.

We mentioned above that language doesn’t matter. The advertiser has the right to choose one or more languages ​​for his target audience, as well as select all available at a time. In such cases, advertising will be shown to the target audience if the key queries and languages ​​of the segment match.

Additionally, we note that sometimes targeting ads for all languages ​​are the most promising. This is due to taking more coverage of the target audience, because some users make their queries in search engines in different languages.

To set up language targeting, follow these instructions:

  • on the navigation panel, click on «All campaigns»;
  • in the left menu for choosing pages, click «Campaigns»;
  • find the blue plus sign «+» and click on it;
  • configure the type of campaign and its goal, then click «Continue»;
  • select a location or enter a name in the search bar;
  • specify the language in the search box and check the box next to the one you want;
  • click «Save and Continue».

After saving, the advertising campaign will be updated in the Google Display Network and will be shown to the target audience in accordance with the configured parameters.

Recommendations for setting up language targeting from Facebook

If you are setting up Internet targeting by language on the Facebook social network, we strongly recommend using the recommendations from the holding itself. You can get acquainted with them here 

Excerpt from FB Recommendations

Advertising on FB

It is worth setting up global pages. They work across the selected country and language. This can be done by developing the first level of targeted advertising for the state, and the second, if necessary, for a specific language.

A simple example: in Canada, people speak two languages ​​- English and French. For English-speaking citizens of the country, you can customize the global page specifically for this language. If necessary, it is possible to develop a second advertising campaign for the second group of French speakers.

To set up an ad campaign in two different languages ​​of the same country, you need to create two separate landing pages. One will be used to display ads in English and the other to display in French.

The FB system will automatically redirect by language targeting as follows: if the language selected in the profile of a Facebook user matches the specified advertiser, it will be redirected to a local page in the appropriate language. If there is no match, the user will be redirected to the default page.

Conclusion on language targeting from Liknot.ru

Advanced language targeting is most commonly used to advertise products and services that are needed on a business trip or long distance travel. For example, carsharing, hotels, hostels, apartment rentals, etc. fall into this category.

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