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I am traffic manager, website owner, blogger, social networks user and I’d like to cooperate with top brands!

I’d like to attract a high-quality new customer flow to the company and increase sales through online advertising


Advertiser — sign up as an advertiser, if your goal is to increase your sales. Our manager will contact you within a few minutes and help you launch the offer.


Webmaster — would you like to monetize your audience? Feel free to sign up as a webmaster! Our managers will help you to choose the right offer and earn money.


Liknot unites all webmasters and advertisers together on our website. Our experienced team will help you to resolve all the issues and provide all the required work tools.


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Compliance and security

We strictly monitor the publishers and advertisers work quality, track orders from all devices types and comply with European laws on our users’ personal data protection. It is important for us to make online advertising market transparent.

I’d like to learn about the method, used by Liknot to verify advertisers, track orders and protect my personal data.

For webmasters

I’d like to learn about the method, used by Liknot to protect my brand, cut off suspicious traffic and keep my personal data safe.

For advertisers


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  • Do you have a hold?

    For new webmasters, payments occur after the advertiser pays for leads. This is a necessary measure to check traffic and protect against fraud. with a high-quality flow, we are always ready to meet and reduce the hold period.
  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    The minimum withdrawal amount is 50$
  • What sources do you accept?

    We accept all sources. Our managers will help you choose the right offer for your source.
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