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LSI-копирайтинг. Эволюция в написании текстов для сайтов


You probably remember such texts with crooked keys, like «buy oil cheaply.» So, these are old-school SEO texts. Their era is gone a long time ago — replaced by a new copywriting that monitors the technical uniqueness, nausea of ​​the text and the smooth entry of keywords. Now LSI copywriting is considered to be the main innovative way of SEO promotion. Well, let’s see what it is.

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What is it

lsi seo what is it? LSl (latent semantic indexing) is a latent semantic indexing. If in Russian, then the indexing method, with the help of which Yandex and Google monitor the general meaning of the text, and not just its uniqueness and saturation with key queries. Now in the tops of the issue there will be high-quality articles on the topic of queries, and not those that inserted more keywords into the body of the material.

LSI copywriting is the creation of texts based on the principle of hidden semantic indexing. In such texts, the important role is now played not by keywords, but by content. Let’s take a look at the difference between old SEO and innovative LSI copywriting:

SEO copywriting:

  • the article is created on the basis of a list of keywords, which must be included in all tags, headings, paragraphs;
  • work is carried out only with the technical uniqueness and density of keys in the text.

LSI copywriting:

  • although the text is written on the basis of a list of keywords, the main emphasis is on the meaning, and not on the frequency of occurrence;
  • words in the text are added only those that are associated with the main queries;
  • the main work is on the semantic uniqueness and usefulness of the article.

When did the introduction of Lsi-copyright begin?

A patent for latent semantic analysis appeared back in 1988, but it began to be introduced into search engines only 5 years ago. In 2011, Google started cracking down on low quality texts with the Panda search algorithm. He assessed the level of visitor engagement when viewing each page of the site. avs video editor crack avs video editor crack 

And we know that a person evaluates the site by the text. That is why Panda was able to figure out a whole bunch of sites that were promoted by thoughtlessly entering keywords.  avs video editor crack baraha crack

In 2013, Google began using the Hummingbird algorithm. From about that time, key queries began to be processed by meaning, instead of keywords. In 2016, RankBrain was introduced into this algorithm, a ranking signal that understood not only the meaning of each word, but also a separate sentence, even text.

The need for this innovation was that people began to write concise key and natural queries to search engines — long and complex phrases from colloquial speech.

A similar algorithm was introduced in November 2016 by Yandex — Palekh, so I had to quickly switch to writing LSI texts. There was a fashion for the relevance of meanings instead of the relevance of key queries.

How to write quality LSI texts

Here are a few tips for writing innovative sales copy that will definitely hit the top searches.

  1. Reveal the meaning of all keywords and refuse non-topical queries. Find the most interesting material on the Internet and create a good new type of text.
  2. It is not worth abandoning the traditional model, because. search engines do not yet understand the meaning of all queries. But all the same — first you need to think about the meaning, and only then about the entry of keys. We write an interesting and understandable text for the reader, but we help a little with optimization.
  3. You need to review the results periodically. The material that did not make it to the top needs to be edited, made more understandable and pictures added to it.
  4. The semantic core should include not only the main queries, but also additional ones. So the robot will better understand the meaning of the article and attract new traffic to the site faster. Suitable lsi phrases can be compiled for free using search suggestions, Yandex Wordstat and search engine recommendations.
  5. The main thing is to delve into the topic, write unique, really useful and interesting articles.

So, here we figured out what LSI copywriting is. In order for an article to get to the top of search results, you don’t need to stuff it with keywords — now it’s not in trend. All attention goes to the semantic content, so write interesting, simple and useful for your reader.

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